Friday, November 03, 2006

Random Thoughts

I haven't done a stream of consciousness blog entry yet, so here goes:

  • It has already been three weeks since the Feast, yet I feel like I'm still learning daily...
  • My Chiefs are finally starting to pull it together. Will they show up this week? I got to go to last week's game against the Seahawks, and all I can say is at least we're entertaining.
  • It's crazy the things you notice when you're not involved in something. It's even more nuts how blind we are when we're knee-deep in a situation. However, it's the fast track to wisdom and knowledge if we can learn and grow from both.
  • I think music is one of the coolest gifts from God. I can jam to just about anything. And I really love it when a striking chord change sends goose bumps up my spine.
  • Does anybody else notice the same kinds of pointless minutiae that I do?
  • When I was young, I just tried to pass the time until the next time I could have fun. Now I find that contentment is a great gift... Quiet moments by yourself, noticing the beauty of a tree, the night sky, the way the shadows play on the ground. Being thankful for all that I have. Being willing to give it all away in a heartbeat (okay, that part will probably be harder said than done, but still...).
  • I drew Homer Simpson will his head back drooling on my markerboard at work this week. It still cracks me up.
  • When will this election junk end already?!?

Well, there you go. 10 minutes in the mind of Mike Keesee. Have a great Sabbath!

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