Monday, November 06, 2006

KC Family Weekend Plans

Alright, I have more information concerning the winter KC get-together. The KC plans are mostly set up. Dec. 29-31. We are still tentative on a hall for Friday night Bible study, but there will most likely be one. Church, potluck, dance and sports will all be at the same place, the Lee's Summit Recreation Center, same as the hall for the dance last year. The dance is an international theme, but if you already have a costume, then it should be okay (we'll call you "American"). Kazahkstanian outfits (i.e. Borat) will be considered questionable in taste. There will be sports on Sunday from 10-2, and of course, Monday is the holiday, so I'm sure people will be hanging out then, too. Contact us or the Milliches if you have any further questions!

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