Thursday, December 18, 2008

KC Weekend Update

Well, we're T-minus a week and change until the KC weekend begins. Thanks for those of you who registered. Right now, official numbers hover right around 190 guests signed up and 230 local brethren. My guess is there may be up to 50 to even 100 not registered that are coming. Or it could be that numbers really are down this year because of the economy or Charlotte's regional weekend, too. Either way, that's 420+ people all descending on one place for several days of fun and fellowship. A mini-feast, I've been told several times.

We have 9 volleyball teams as of this writing and 8 basketball teams for competitive sports, so there should be some fun games there. If you still don't have team after midnight tonight, then you'll get to play recreational volleyball, join in on the children's activities, or bring a board game or deck of cards and play with friends. We might also need some help with scorekeeping or linesmen on the sports if you would like to volunteer.

Anyway, we look forward to having everyone out, and if any of you need anything, please let me know.

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