Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wars And/Or Rumors of Wars??

Gotta love those crazy dictators... er, democratically-elected leaders. Señor Chavez is posturing rather loudly with Ecuador playing along all while Colombia is protecting their people from a organization that has been terrorizing its people for 20+ years. You gotta love a name for a terror org like FARC 'cuz it's just screaming for a B action movie with Jean Claude Van Damme. This all seems like a similar setup to hairy situations the US was in while I was growing up... Granada, Panama, Noriega going crazy... It even harkens back to the Castro and Cuba, Viva La Revoluçion with Che Guervo, et al. It's been a while since South, Central or Caribbean America has blown up full scale into some kind of crisis that actually could have ramifications for the US. Venezuelan oil not only affects us (we import something like 15-25% of our oil from them), but refineries all over the region, including impoverished Caribbean nations, can only refine that kind of oil. It will also quickly take away the incredible amount of money that gives Chavez the power he currently enjoys. A poor, miserable people will only suffer a lunatic for so long. Meanwhile, the US is only really supporting Colombia in all this, so we have to defend them in case of attack assuming no one else comes to their aid prior to war.

Can the US handle another military front? Is Chavez working in tandem with Iran somehow on this to stretch us thinner than we already are? If we get involved with Venezuela, will that tick off OPEC? Stay tuned...

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