Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Personality of Our Creator

On a camping trip a couple of years ago, Mr. Smith stated that by looking around at nature around us, we can get a glimpse of the kind of Creator God is. "The heavens God's glory do declare...", et al. That is, we can see His personality, His likes, His preferences, what He considers pure and good and clean all around us. So I was thinking it would be cool to come up with a list of adjectives or short phrases that describe the creation, and in short, describe our great God.

Diverse, balanced, pure, simple, yet complex. Orderly. Humongous, miniscule, everything in between. Significant. Detailed. Beautiful. Artistic, creative, ingenious, amazing. Intuitive. Peaceful, tender, tranquil, subtle, comforting, uplifting. Bright, colorful, shining. Powerful, strong, luminescent. Awesome, unexpected, imaginative. Reproducing, plentiful, bountiful, generous. Humorous, hilarious, precious, delightful. Genuine. Layered, in-depth. Musical, harmonious, poetic. Cyclical, timely. Flowing. Sensible. Repairable, healable. Instinctual, law-abiding, structured. Loving, caring, familial. Good. Perfect.

Feel free to throw in some more...

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