Friday, January 25, 2008


Hey everyone! Today I figured I would give you an Alex Trebek-like potpourri of stuff floating around my mind. Don't be scared... It's perfectly harmless.
  • Parenthood is wonderful. If you're thinking about having kids and are worried about having to give up so much of your own time in order to do so, well... That's the whole point! When I stopped and thought about what I did with my free time, I realized i didn't do much with it. Rather, spending my time raising and teaching a child who mirrored my personality and every move would be a far better way to spend my time. If you're looking to improve yourself, look no further.
  • There were some lay-offs last week at my company. As I watched some of my good friends get affected by these events, I realized how much each of us individually would be affected by the awful events that could easily take place any year now. It won't just happen to the world, or just to our country, it'll happen to us personally! How will I handle that??
  • With this bank in France losing just over $7.1 billion because of one company-employed trader worming his way around their 5-layered security measures, what does that do for people's trust in the banking system worldwide? First it was here in America with our loose lending practices. Now banks are losing and writing off billions left and right! They're freely accepting money from Asian and Arab governments to stay afloat! Our markets and economies are all based on faith. While it used to be "In God we trust", our economy and materialistic way of life have replaced that trust. Americans used to assume on faith that neither will ever be taken away. Quoting R.E.M., it will be interesting to see if people begin losing their religion...
  • Speaking of the economy, at some point, you just have to let the various markets adjust. Sure, I'd love to see my house double in value every 2-10 years. But that's not sustainable. When no one can afford a home and people have to take out ridiculous loans in order to get one, it's time for something to change. And yet, here we are throwing more borrowed money at the over-inflated economy with this stimulus plan. If the government would only allow the capitalist motto of "supply and demand" carry forth even a little bit, it might right itself and spare us from swift correction (read: depression). However, with our lack of patience and "the government can fix it right now" mentality, we may not get the luxury of an economic soft landing.
  • Young people are the future of the Church. We really should continue in the example that our elders have set for us and serve as an example to the younger kids. Unlike every generation's desire to "do one better" than previous generations, we can heed Biblical instruction to lean on our elders' understanding and wisdom as we are slowly allowed to serve more. We have lots of energy and zeal, so let's blend it with our elder's experience in order to produce great things! So don't be afraid to throw out ideas, discuss them with more experienced people and then follow through by organizing events, socials, etc. Let's own our ideas and ACT!

Do any of you have any random thoughts floating around in your head? I'd like to hear some...

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