Friday, July 06, 2007

A Crappy 4th of July Analogy

Wow, two posts in two days... And most of you won't read this for weeks to come 'cuz I've been so lazy lately. Oh well. It's relavant today while I type it. :) Anyway, I was asking a local friend about where in Grain Valley to watch fireworks on the 4th. He said that sitting on your back porch would be the best. Now, in my old home town a few miles away, there were folks setting off hundreds of dollars of fireworks all around, but in Grain Valley, it's flat enough to get a great view to see all around. Basically, I got more than a 180-degree view of some of the most awesome amateur fireworks displays I've ever seen! I mean, people were forking over tons of money for the stuff I saw. We packed half of the Moluf family on my tiny deck to watch (the other half had left to drive home). At one point, Kevin asked me how much all of the 40 or so displays we were able to see must have cost totalled up. "Oh, at least $10 grand and probably much, much more..."

So that got my mind on this pathetic analogy: Watching those fireworks reminded me of the American economy. Really... We pump a bunch of money in buying worthless stuff with the single purpose of making us say "Oooh, ahhhh. Coooool!" Think of all the gadgets Americans buy each day... HD-TVs, computers, video games, cell phones, iPods, iPhones, Hummers, Corvettes, etc. After 9/11, we were told to keep spending money just to keep the economy from collapsing. We've heeded that request way too well. Of course, the rest of the world looks at the way we're dropping Ben Franklins at the fireworks tent or warehouse and say, "Dat'sa ridiculoso!" But later on, they look at all the amazing results of the fireworks and they get hypnotized the same way we do. So they invest their money in our country's tireless effort to increase our debt so they can watch the show, too (and earn a tidy profit). And like the fireworks, most of the crap we buy is made in China and they're laughing all the way to the bank as our money goes up in smoke.

The show was beautiful... while it lasted.


Infinity said...

I appreciate the analogy.

In general, Canadian fireworks stink (although they are getting better).

Silly Americans.

Ducky said...

You know, you didn't give yourself enough credit - that was actually a pretty good analogy!