Thursday, March 01, 2007

We're Getting A Home!

Just another way to show that if you ask God for help with something, He comes through!

We've been searching for a house for the past month or two and have had our townhome on the market for about 4 weeks. There are 20 others on the market within a mile of us, and we've only had one person look at ours... A guy who works at the same company I do, Cerner, who wanted someplace a little cheaper than ours. Well, out of nowhere, my real estate agent calls Monday and asks me to get some paper and a pen. So she tells me that the same guy had a deal with the condo down the street that was way underpriced, but it fell through. The condo was in a divorce situation and they were pretty much giving everything including the kitchen sink for the grand price of $100K. Of course, we couldn't afford to offer that (we wanted more like $106K). But as it turns out, neither could the other condo… I guess the gal selling it didn't understand the concept of real estate fees, roughly 3-6% of the total sale of the home. Oops. So she would have had to pay to sell it. So my real estate agent put together this low-ball offer for the guy to attract him to our court. Since she's basically both our agent and his, she was willing to take a hefty pay cut on our house since she knew she'd be getting a chunk from the house we'd be buying. And we're getting the buyer a furniture gift card to buy some furnishings to make his moving process a little easier. Long story short, we went and looked at a house again Tuesday night and wrote up an offer. Yesterday, they accepted it. We'll be moving March 18th in an effort to get this guy a place fast since he's living on someone's couch for the time being. So packing will begin fast and furious here in the next few nights.

Basically, we bought a front-to-back (California) split with 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths and enough entertaining space for the family or any friends that come visit us… Even a nice yard for Wookiee. And it's in a safe neighborhood, too, so Rachel can run with the baby without worry. So over the next couple of weeks stress levels will be high and availability will be low... But I'm pretty excited about finally getting our own place. That's right, I'm gonna crank the stereo and enjoy my first non-attached neighbor moment. :)


Infinity said...

That's awesome!!! Congratulations, kids! All the best with the packing frenzy. :)

Desiree said...


It's a cute house, too! Is it perfect as it is, or are you planning to make any changes on it?

Mikeesee said...

We're going to add a west wing shortly... :) Nah, we're just going to finish the fence for Wookiee's sake and slope the yard a little more so natural forces don't cause the house to slide away. They're pretty sweet digs, otherwise.