Monday, December 04, 2006

Updates and stuff

Okay, so there are a few more updates for those who are still thinking about coming to the KC weekend. We definitely (defiantly?) have a hall for Friday night Bible study and there will be plenty of time for fellowship before and afterwards. For those Googlers out there, look up Oak Grove Civic Center in Oak Grove, MO on Google Maps. It should begin at 7:30, but feel free to get there an hour early. Saturday, we have the Lee's Summit Recreation Center in Lee's Summit, MO . Church will begin at 1:30 and there should be plenty of room this year as opposed to the crampedness of previous years in the elementary school. We'll be having a covered-dish meal (i.e. potluck) after services, then the dance will begin around 7 and last until 10. I guess New Years weekend probably isn't the best time of year to be out driving late... Again, it is an international themed costume dance, but don't just feel like if you're not wearing liederhosen, you're not dressed appropriately. I would probably accept Hans und Franz for Germany, too. On Sunday, we're having sports from 10-2 at the same place as church and the dance. We'll have 3 courts, so we're planning on 4-on-4 half-court basketball and two courts of volleyball... One for competitive and one for recreational. So if you have people in mind you want to play with, call them up and get a team in mind. If you don't, show up and join a recreational team. Since the weekend extends to Monday for many of us, feel free to stick around (just check with your host family to make sure it's cool... They may have to work). If you need housing, contact me at my email address listed on my profile.

In other news, my Chiefs suck again... My toenail is still gone, but the toe is healing... Peder is this close to getting a good job... Marshall's house is large, but 16 people is pushing it... Karl, it's just a monitor with fruit, get over it... :) Annette, Lambert's is why America is great. Where else in the world can we deep fry everything and waste so much food?? Chicken fried steaks as big as your head?! What a country... Sunset at 4:55pm is killing me... Then again, I'm getting more telescope stuff this week, so I guess it's cool... And finally, turn off that stupid Christmas music!!!

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