Friday, September 29, 2006

...And Away We Go!

Well, this will be my last post before the Feast, blogheads. We leave on Sunday to fly out to Prescott, Arizona for Atonement, and then we'll make our trip back across the Southwest to Colorado visiting various sites along the way. So we'll have plenty of pictures when we get to the Feast... That is, unless Marshall, Rachel and I all forget our cameras everywhere we go. Oh well, we're not good at that sort of stuff, anyway. We're even taking a train ride in the mountains, so that should be fun. Everyone drive or fly safely and be sure to annoy the person next to you on the plane. I sure will, but that will be my wife... Take care, all!


Anonymous said...

Have a great one! I plan to be out in KC in April for Tiff's wedding.

Mikeesee said...

Great, Mike, I'll see you then... Reporting from Durango, Colorado on Day 4 of our pre-Feast trip. See the rest of you Colorado go-ers soon!