Friday, June 30, 2006

Road Trip!

Well, it's about time to go on my annual summer vacation over the 4th of July. Just as we have many years previously, we will be sojourning to Dallas to visit Marshall and crew. It appears that there will be a decent-sized crowd consisting of Rachel and I, Peder, Diana, Der Karl, Das David (pronounced Dah-veed), Ben Nelson, Leigh Seddon, the Dallas Gang and our lovely host, Marshall. Marshall will be sporting his new house just off of Memory Lane on the wonderful street of 'Rain Fern'. I just want to say that in a soft, soothing voice while advertising some sort of lotion you'd buy in one of those stinky girl stores in the mall. You just want to shoot the urban planner who came up with that kind of crap. Of course, I live on 'Sunrise Meadow', so I can no longer talk.

Anyway, we'll finally get to try tubing down the Guadalupe River. Marshall is going to try and rent a short bus for all of us to take down there. Of course, the trip down will likely be 15 people all simultaneously chanting "Are we there yet?Arewethereyet?Arewethereyet?" while the trip home will probably be 15 passed-out people... Which is a scary thought considering one of those tuckered-out tubers will be the driver. But with Texas roads being what they are, you can go off-roading, no problem. Eventually, we'll slam into one of Dallas' 15-gazillion restaurants, wake up, then stop and eat.

I'll try to write about anything of note after I get back. So enjoy the incredible blessings of this great country we live in by blowing something up and have a great extended weekend!

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